Latte Macchiato


Latte Macchiato or spotted milk is a specialty in which espresso is served with hot milk and milk froth. It consists of three layers: a lower layer with hot milk, an upper layer with foamed milk and an intermediate layer with espresso coffee.


  • 220-300 ml glass cup
  • Espresso 45 ml
  • Hot milk
  • Hot foamed milk
  • 1.5 cl of flavored syrup to taste (eg coffee)


The ratio between the different ingredients is 2/3 of milk and frothed milk and 1/3 of coffee. Because hot milk has a higher density than espresso, coffee floats on milk, while milk foam is in the top layer.

  • Pour, according to taste, a little flavored syrup or Baileys in the glass cup
  • Place the glass cup under the milk frother of your Jura coffee maker
  • Prepare the Latte macchiato with the press of a button
  • Enjoy!